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The Lippo Centre - Hong Kong, ChinaMedco Holdings, Incorporated - official website
Medco Holdings, Incorporated - official website
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The Company

Medco Holdings, Inc. is an investment holding company listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange (“PSE”). It was incorporated in the Philippines on 23 October 1969 as the Mindanao Exploration & Development Corporation and adopted its current name in 1995.

In May 1995, Lippo China Resources Limited ("LCR", formerly known as Hongkong China Limited), a company listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, acquired a major interest of the outstanding capital stock in Medco through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Citivest Asia Limited. LCR is a member of the Lippo Group. The Lippo Group was founded in the 1970s and has diversified businesses and investments in Asia including mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and Australia. The Lippo Group’s main business covers three key areas, that is, property investment and development; retail business and financial services.

Prior to LCR’s acquisition of a major interest in the Company, Medco was engaged in mineral exploration and development. Thereafter, the Company embarked on a major corporate shift that resulted in its transformation into an investment holding company. In line with the change in its primary business purpose, the Company had sold all its rights, titles, interests including all liabilities and obligations in its mining lease contracts and operating agreements to South Seas Oil & Mineral Exploration Development Co., Inc.

Since then, the Company has been engaged in investment holding activities. At present, its investment portfolio is composed of holdings in a company involved in trade development (operation of exhibition halls and conference facilities).


We are a holding company that is committed to providing long term value enhancement for our shareholders by constantly being on the look-out for profitable investment opportunities.


We aim to be a holding company that is a model of effective corporate governance and a socially responsible member of the business community.

Group Corporate and Shareholdings Structure

Details of the principal subsidiary and affiliated companies and their activities as of December 31, 2019 are as follows:

Medco Holdings, Incorporated - official website
Manila Exposition Complex - Roxas Blvd., ManilaMedco Holdings, Incorporated - official website
NamePlace of IncorporationFully Paid-up Common Share CapitalPercentage of Ownership Held by MedcoPrincipal Activities

Manila Exposition Complex, Inc.
Philippines PhP 165,000,000 18.18% Exhibition hall operation

Sector:Medco Holdings, Incorporated - official websiteOTHER FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS

Incorporation Date:Medco Holdings, Incorporated - official website23 October 1969
Medco Holdings, Incorporated - official websiteExtension:Medco Holdings, Incorporated - official website ---
Medco Holdings, Incorporated - official websiteCorporate Life:Medco Holdings, Incorporated - official website50 years

As per AOI:
Medco Holdings, Incorporated - official websiteNumber of Directors:Medco Holdings, Incorporated - official website7
Medco Holdings, Incorporated - official websiteOwnership Restrictions:Medco Holdings, Incorporated - official website100%

As per By-Laws:
Medco Holdings, Incorporated - official websiteStockholders Meeting:Medco Holdings, Incorporated - official websiteMay - second Friday except holidays
Medco Holdings, Incorporated - official websiteFiscal Year:Medco Holdings, Incorporated - official website01 January to 31 December

Auditor:Medco Holdings, Incorporated - official websitePunongbayan & Araullo

Transfer Agent:Medco Holdings, Incorporated - official websiteProfessional Stock Transfer, Inc.

Medco Holdings, Incorporated - official website
SymbolTypeISINListing Date
MED Common PHY5943H1042 November 18, 1975

Medco Holdings, Incorporated - official website
Board of Directors
(As of May 14, 2021)
Bobby Cheng Sai Chong - Chairman
Dionisio E. Carpio, Jr.
Edna D. Reyes
Pauline C. Tan
Juan Victor S. Tanjuatco - Independent Director
Rodolfo B. Fernandez - Independent Director
Magher S. Baul

(As of May 14, 2021)

ChairmanMedco Holdings, Incorporated - official websiteBobby Cheng Sai Chong
President / Corporate
     Information OfficerMedco Holdings, Incorporated - official websiteDionisio E. Carpio, Jr.
Treasurer / Compliance Officer /
     Assistant Corporate SecretaryMedco Holdings, Incorporated - official websitePauline C. Tan
Corporate SecretaryMedco Holdings, Incorporated - official websiteJonas S. Khaw

Medco Holdings, Incorporated - official website


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MHI's Amemnded By-Laws - Acrobat Document
MHI's Articles of Incorporation - Acrobat Document
MHI's Amended Articles of Incorporation - Acrobat Document
MHI's Certificate of Filing of Amended By-Laws 1999 - Acrobat Document
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